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False Ceiling Dubai

When you build a new home, you consider every little detail and try to make each room distinctive and desirable. When it comes to interior designing, the ceiling of the house is a similarly important part of the house and makes the interior beautiful and elegant. Today, many homeowners choose to decorate their houses with false ceilings. They not only give the room styles but an extraordinary first reaction to the visitors. Accessible in various designs and styles – the false ceilings can be used in all rooms of the house including a drawing room, dining room, bedroom, and washrooms. We at Exellent Choice Air Conditioning Systems deliver the best customer services for false ceilings in Dubai. In Addition, homes, we also offer the same local services for offices and other commercial properties to create the fantastic and exclusive. Our rates are reasonable and matchless in the production. Give us a call and select from the different room ceiling models in Dubai.

When it comes to home renovations, many people think of the big projects. But even small changes can make a big impact in the overall look and feel of your home. If you're looking for a way to elevate your home's appearance without breaking the bank, consider adding a false ceiling. False ceilings are a great way to add visual interest and character to any room, and they can be installed quickly and easily by professionals. So if you're thinking about giving your home a facelift, be sure to consider this cost-effective option.

False ceilings are a type of suspended ceiling that consists of a frame supported by wires or rods. The frame is then covered with a material, such as a plasterboard or metal, and the false ceiling is installed beneath the existing ceiling. False ceilings can be used to create a variety of looks, from sleek and modern to warm and inviting. And because they're relatively easy to install, they're a great option for homeowners who want to update their space without undertaking a major renovation project. If you're interested in adding a false ceiling to your home, we recommend contacting a professional contractor who can help you select the right materials and design for your space.

Magnificent Fall Ceiling Models to Choose From

Today most people use the most excellent interior designs for their home. One of the best ways to reach the exclusive look is through false ceilings. False ceilings are a fashionable supplement to the building industry as the information is always readily available. It is reasonable and straightforward to install. Moreover, the plasterboard stuff can be easily used to create distinct ceiling designs. To install the ceilings in your Dubai home – give us a call to fix an appointment. Our carpenters will visit you onsite and take the exact dimensions of the area. The installation process of the false ceiling is also aggravation-free, and we attempt to get the work done as rapidly as feasible. We have a collection of models that you can select from. Whether you are looking for a pink flower design for a girl's bedroom or a modern-day drop ceiling with light fixtures – we have it all.

Basically, visit our office and select from the huge collection of roof ceiling designs. We have such gorgeous ceiling drawings that many times we have to keep in stockpile a few of the designs that people like. Some designs have been selling for fairly some time but are still in necessity we have to maintain such designs in spare so that our clients do not have to wait for the stuff they like so much.

We have false ceiling designs that seem to be fantastic and add to the worth of your room. The printed false ceiling collection displayed at Grand Interiors is smashing all the records of reputation. We have elegant prints and designs of false ceilings that you could choose to give your house heaven on earth view. A false ceiling, also known as a dropped ceiling, is an extension lead of your original ceiling. It is normally banned by metal or wooden frames and comes in a variety of designs.

The first step in installation is cutting openings for electrical fixtures which are usually done by a carpenter who follows project drawings indicating their location and size, but you can do it yourself if you have knowledge about this kind of work. After the ceilings are hung each panel has to be fitted properly to ensure they are level across the entire surface area after which they are fixed to the metal framework with screws.

The gypsum boards are then sanded and smoothed so they will have a professional appearance after which they are painted to protect them against humidity or other factors that can damage them. When choosing this kind of decoration, you should know that it is very durable if properly installed but it is not resistant to moisture absorption. If you want your gypsum ceiling to last longer, paint it with an enamel paint that has high resistance to water penetration.

We have such gorgeous ceiling drawings that many times we need to keep in stockpile a few of the designs people like. Some are selling for fairly some time but still remain popular because our clients want them and can't get enough! One example is this particular design which features beautifully printed false ceilings, giving your room an extra boost no matter how much else you add on top with other furnishings or decorations it'll look fantastic from every angle so make sure not to miss out by grabbing yours today before they're gone.

Looking for some extra wow factor in your home? Check out our stunning range of false ceilings! From traditional designs to more modern and contemporary prints, we have something to suit every taste. Our false ceilings are perfect for adding that finishing touch to any room, and they're also great for helping to regulate temperature and reduce noise levels. So if you're after a little bit of luxury, or just want to add some style to your home, be sure to browse our range of false ceilings today.

Types of gypsum Ceilings Dubai

The types of gypsum ceilings are characterized by variety in design ranging from simple patterns like "C" interlocking for lower ceilings while more intricate designs are used on higher ceilings where the panels join together at different angles producing beautiful geometrical shapes.
Using this kind of decoration is a way to customize your home by implementing personal touch and creativity. It can also be used in commercial spaces like offices and showrooms although it will cost more than other types of ceiling coverings because you need someone who has knowledge and expertise to install it properly.

GYPSUM Ceiling Dubai

Gypsum boards are lightweight, fire-resilient, and straightforward to install. They are also a more globally friendly option. However, they are normally more costly than their plasterboard counterparts.

Gypsum board ceilings are very durable but not fireproof so if they happen to catch fire, they will burn rapidly which is why we recommend installing sprinkler systems around them which will ensure an easy evacuation in case of emergency. Also make sure there is proper ventilation throughout the room otherwise mold spores could develop on the gypsum boards causing health problems for those who live or work inside the space where the ceiling was installed. Its price also depends.

Did you know that there are false ceiling in dubai available to spice up your home? Hoosier Flair offers a variety of different designs, which can make any space more dramatic and impressive. You will be able to replace old wiring with these eye-catching fixtures without having people stare at the ground while they walk around! Don't let wires get in the way - Spice Up Your Home With Our Creative Gypsum Ceilings!!

The gypsum ceiling is one of the most popular ceilings in Dubai. It has a lovely appearance that will make your room look more elegant and luxurious. We will tell you what this type of ceiling is, how it can be installed, and some pros and cons to consider before choosing it for your home or business space.

The gypsum board ceiling is made entirely from plasterboard sheets with an insulation layer on top which is covered by decorative sheeting. The process starts by applying joint compound over the entire surface area where the sheets are to be applied then adding layers of plasterboard until they reach the desired height.

Plasterboard sheets are then hung at precise intervals according to the project plan, typically 4-5 cm apart but can also be up to 10 cm depending on the desired thickness of the ceiling. A sheet of metal framework is laid over the plasterboard which gives it stability and strength, then covered with wood strips that run along all four edges on top of which decorative gypsum sheets are attached. This type of decoration is very flexible because you can use any kind of design or pattern, or paintings.

There are many types of ceilings that you can choose from when installing an overhead shelter in your home or business. One type, the gypsum board ceiling is made entirely with plasterboard sheets covered by decorative sheeting and insulation on top not to mention they're easy to install! We'll tell what this all means so read ahead before making any decisions about which kind would work best for you.
The first thing most people think about when trying to decide between different building materials such as wooden boards vs metal panels (for instance) might not always involve functionality but style instead. Sure, one can argue that a ceiling's main purpose is to protect the people and belongings underneath it from the outside elements but its secondary objective would be to complement the interior design of the room, wouldn't you agree?
When it comes to aesthetics, there are several factors to consider such as color, texture, and pattern. For instance, white gypsum board ceilings are popular in many commercial establishments because they give off a clean and professional look. They're also great for hiding any imperfections on the surface since their smooth texture creates an even canvas. However, this type of ceiling might not be the best choice for a home with young children as fingerprints and smudges will be very visible.

How to Decorate a Gypsum Ceiling with Light Features

A ceiling is an important part of any room. It can be used to create a sense of height, or to add architectural interest. If you are looking for a way to add light and interest to your gypsum ceiling, there are a few different ways you can do this. Read on for tips on how to decorate your ceiling with light features.

One way to add light to your gypsum ceiling is to use recessed lighting. This type of lighting is installed into the ceiling itself, and can be a great way to add ambient light to the room. Another option is to use track lighting. This type of lighting is mounted on the ceiling and can be used to highlight specific areas of the room.

If you want to add a more dramatic look to your gypsum ceiling, you may want to consider installing pendant lights. Pendant lights are hung from the ceiling and can add a touch of elegance to any room. For a more modern look, you may want to consider installing chandeliers.

The gypsum ceiling is designed to allow for different light fixtures. Straight fluorescent tubes are usually placed on the edge, while downlighters can be fitted at four corners soffits of your room - this will give you all sorts or effects depending how they're hooked up! If it's just one switch needed per fixture then use an ordinary dimmer; but if there needs more than one type switch then get yourself some fancy ones like these which have extra features including speed control and start-up phase delays (perfect when using solar power).

In addition to providing even and diffused lighting, a good ceiling design can also help reduce energy consumption. One way to do this is by using LED lights, which are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Another option is to install motion sensors that will automatically turn off the lights when there is no activity in the room.

A well-designed gypsum ceiling can also help improve the acoustics of a room by absorbing sound waves. This is especially beneficial in rooms that are prone to echo, such as conference rooms or classrooms. To further improve the sound quality of a room, you can add acoustic panels to the gypsum ceiling. These panels are made of materials that absorb sound, such as fiber


Plasterboard and gypsum share comparable characteristics. However, it’s not expensive and less stable than the gypsum alternative. https://acrepairindubai.com/false-ceiling-gypsum-ceiling-partition-installation/

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Benefits Of A False Ceiling


False ceilings are often used to improve the presence of the room. They are commonly employed in innovative, fashionable, and Norse designs. This story is adaptable and can be installed in numerous shapes and sizes to suit your design preferences.


False ceilings are great for soundproofing as they can understand the sound waves that come from your neighbor living above you. Therefore, it’s perfect for your study room and bedroom. False ceilings are also generally installed in home theatres as they encourage better sound quality within the room.


If you wish to create a neat, shiny look for your home, establishing a false ceiling is the perfect way to hide the wires and trucking that run around the roof of the home.


Building a false ceiling opens supplementary lighting possibilities that you can discover including spotlights, cove, and lower lights. Thus, you can modify your room’s lighting without getting to worry about fittings or wiring.


Air that is stuck between the original and stretched ceiling helps to lower the heat in the room. Additionally, it decreases the area that is to be ventilated by your air conditioner. Thus, it supports greater energy proficiency and lowers electricity bills.

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